CAE / Computer Aided Engineering

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is the broad usage of computer software to aid in engineering analysis tasks. It includes Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Multibody dynamics (MBD), and optimization.

CAE areas covered include:

1. Stress analysis on components and assemblies using Finite Element Analysis (FEA);
2. Thermal and fluid flow analysis Computational fluid dynamics (CFD);
3. Multibody dynamics (MBD) and Kinematics;
4. Analysis tools for process simulation for operations such as casting, molding, and die press forming.
5. Optimization of the product or process.

CAE areas covered include:

• Pre-processing – defining the model and environmental factors to be applied to it. (typically a finite element model, but facet, voxel and thin sheet methods are also used)
• Analysis solver (usually performed on high powered computers)
• Post-processing of results (using visualization tools)


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